While some of you may be interested in sleeping whenever you get free time, not everyone wishes to do the same. If you are someone who has free time and wants to do something productive but has no work at hand, I would suggest you to do activities that are not only fun but shall even help you in the long run. All the things that I have mentioned in this blog are my personal favourite and I do them every time I am bored or stressed. These have helped me a lot in improving my mental health and getting better at work and life. 

Play Chess

I love chess and I have been playing it since my childhood. My dad introduced me and my brother to the basic rules of playing chess and we have been playing ever since. I still play it whenever I have free time but now I play it on the computer.

Playing chess can stimulate your brain cells and push you towards creative problem solving. There are proven benefits of playing chess and it is an extremely fun game. Your competitive side is shaken and you are suddenly conscious about every move you make. This boosts memory and better thinking and decision making skills.  

Try Learning a Language

I don’t have to explain how learning a new language can help you, do I? Do it as a hobby if you like, but learning a new language can help you in so many ways even if you are not a traveler and you may not have to practically use that language. Learning a new language can boost your memory and enhance brain development. It enhances your vocabulary and makes you creative. Learning a new language can allow you to understand and explore a whole different place that you may not have been a part of initially but you will certainly feel like you have known it since forever.

Work on Your Hobby

Whatever you love, you finally have time to pursue it. Bake a cake, try out the new trend, draw the art idea that you have saved on pinterest, read the book that has been lying around on your desk for months and you weren’t able to complete, cook your favorite dish, write the blogs that you wanted time for. You have the time now, do everything and anything that you are passionate about and have been pushing for when you would have time. 

Write Your Heart Out

If you love journaling like me, this is something that I wouldn’t have to tell you. You probably would have written your heart out in the morning but if you are someone who hasn’t tried journaling, try it out.just write down everything that comes to your mind. If you don’t know what to write or where to start from, write about your feelings, how you felt today, what you wish to be, what are your short term goals and what is something you wish to achieve as soon as possible and how you would do it. What is something that you are grateful for and how have you changed with time? Write everything down in a diary and consider doing this everyday if you can.. 

Meal Prep

I struggle with healthy eating a lot so my free time is usually dedicated to meal prepping. Whenever I get some considerable time at hand, I prefer working in the kitchen because, well,  I like working on my diet a lot. If you struggle with healthy eating or you work most of your day and can’t find time to cook, consider preparing your meals beforehand. I like preparing meals and smoking THC together. This is like my selfcare routine that helps me relax. I have a THC Vape pen and it is just amazing. 

Pursue a Short Course Online

There must be something that you wanted to learn but wasn’t getting enough time. Writing, blogging, digital marketing, SEO, nutrition, dietetics, psychology, journalism, graphic designing, illustrating, yoga, meditation, there is so much that I want to learn. You must have a list, work on it. You can even pick something from my list and pursue it online for free.