Self reliance can be understood as a simple or an extremely complex idea. On the surface, it refers to our reliance on our own abilities to live. Dig a little deeper and we realize that this reliance includes a variety of existential aspects, from physical to mental, emotional and spiritual. Self reliance here, refers to our complete self absorption, our complete independence and self dependency as opposed to dependence on an outer force or presence. 

When we mention self reliance, the major focus is on the idea of our individualistic self. A self that is untainted by the qualms and biases of others, one that is free from any societal prejudice, one that is wholly our own. 

When an individual learns to leave all external stresses behind and behind to believe and depend on what they have to offer on their own, they turn self reliant. These individuals are able to:

  • Be responsible for their own happiness or sadness
  • Able to hold themselves accountable without putting the blame on others
  • Hold themselves in a position of respect and admiration without external validation
  • Acquire self knowledge and practice self compassion
  • Make their own decision, solve their own problems

How to Develop Self-Reliance 

Becoming self reliant isn’t a one leap you take when you like. It’s a long journey where you can only take a few steps at a time. Doing it all at once can be too overwhelming for an individual and this overwhelming feeling is what leads multiple people back onto the tracks of dependency. Instead, when we allow ourselves some time to get accustomed to the ways of being self-reliant and independent, the transition becomes much easier and therefore lasts a lot longer than one would expect. 

Here are some ways in which one can start their journey towards self reliance. It’s crucial to remember that this is not a stringent list to be followed strictly by all but a simple guide for anyone who requires a slight push into the right direction. 



The first step towards becoming self reliant is accepting yourself for who you really are. Even when it is about recognizing your limitations or accepting your biases. This is crucial because before you become self reliant you must become self aware. You won’t just learn about your forthcomings but also recognize your character strengths. These traits will eventually become the base of your future growth. Therefore, you must start by self reflecting, looking deep within yourself and recognizing all that is you, the beautiful and the ugly, the free and the biased, the brave and the coward, all of it. 

Managing Dependence

Maybe, you once had a personal security guard but today you’ve learnt to protect yourself. Earlier, you bought your produce from the market and now you grow it on your own. Once you went on regular parlor visits and now you’re trained to cut your own hair. You get to decide the type of self reliance you want to practice. You decide the degree of dependence and that of independence that you want to indulge in.  

Setting Up your Own Value System

Setting Up your Own Value System

Being self reliant has a lot to do with what you believe and follow. Your belief system should not get extremely influenced by the views and opinions of others. Instead, you should confide in yourself, believe in your own opinions and stay true to them even when others refuse to. As a self reliant individual or one who’s trying to become that, you must set up your own value system that you won’t deter from due to persuasion. 

Distancing Yourself From Material Happiness

If your happiness is material oriented, you’ll lose it the minute you lose the object. For you to be self reliant, you must work on distancing yourself from how much the material world can affect you. At the end of the day, all things that you surround yourself with should fulfill some requirement, like survival. However, your happiness should be the result of your own internal feelings. 

There are hundreds of ways for you to learn to become more self reliant daily but it requires long term efforts and patience on your part. Even when you begin to deter from your path every now and then, finding your way back can be easy if you have the right motivation.