By what shall the 21st century be remembered for in the future? Killing jobs, lousy relationships, and empty apartments should be the top three most negative things of this century. Humans barely have time in this century. We all are so busy that we have created our houses some kinds of charging points which we visit just to gather some energy that we can splash it again on “our dreams.” So, after running after the dreams, we distance ourselves from reality so much that eventually our homes become houses and we mislay the habitat feeling from it. So, when you are not feeling like home at your house, this is where apartment therapy bounces in and helps you form a cozy hub. Apartment therapy asks the practitioner for a few things like;


It is December, which means we are officially in the celebration month. One could not find a better excuse than this to light up the house. The art of Feng Shui dictates that you have a clean space and decorative things around you; positive energy flows more smoothly. Even if you believe that Feng Shui is plain hokum, it still makes perfect sense to me to keep your surroundings clean and contented. Mostly decorative ornaments have shinning or reflecting effective in them, which allures our senses developed by human evolution. From the days of early man, two things that humans want desperately are water and food; hence, we have this tendency of looking for shiny things that may reflect the symbolism of rivers and pounds. The theory just explained is the reason we like shiny elements and reflectors. An unharmful little trick we are going to play with our mind. Decorations also do not mean only fir tree and fairy lights; you can add things you like into your house to make it a home, too, like pictures from happy moments, your mother’s gift, father’s medals, et cetera.

Introducing Plants/Flowers 

Plants are living, when you enter the countryside from the city, you realize it at once. What is the first thing any psychiatrist would recommend to a depressed person? A lot of exercises, which will provide a lot of oxygen to a person’s brain so that it may work positively. Now plants, even though they would not offer that much oxygen, but they are still adding much-needed freshness in the air. Plants work like air filters for a house and cleanse out impurity like nitrogen dioxide, tiny fecal, airborne dust, and benzene out of the air. When your surrounding environment would be clean and pleasant to your lungs, you inevitably will feel better at your place.

Cleaning the Apartment 

Our schedules and working hours demand a lot of time from our daily lives. We do not even have time to clean our surroundings properly. It is a proven fact that seeing clutter around all the times can spoil significant of people’s mood. Postmodern science says that seeing the mess at your habitat can push up stress levels in any individual. Cleaning the home will not only give it a clean look but will also kill your stressing elements. Habitually person who is felling down engages in overthinking, which is another reason cleaning might help one. We seek distraction for dodging overthinking, and what could be better than cleaning the mess? While tiding up, one also gets to do a lot of physical exercises, which, as we discussed earlier, is excellent for fighting evil thoughts.

Throwing a Housewarming or Get together Party 

It is a lot more common than you think it would be when you get a new house, and it just does not feel right. There are numerous reasons behind it; maybe you are not able to get over your previous residence, or you miss your ex-roommate, and living alone now is just a tedious task. To pull you out of this slump, a housewarming party can help. There will be a lot of people in the house; your loneliness will be taken care of at least some hours. Then a housewarming party will need a lot of preparations, the food, drinks and of course some crockery/cups. With all this on the shopping list, a hell lot to decorate the house, and the need for a clean house, how would one get time to linger upon how beautiful life used to be 30 days ago? On the other hand, when you are organizing a get-together party you have calls to make, schedules to match and decide a perfect date for the grownups to get the time out of their lives to meet again. Preparations will be pretty much the same, but this time it will be the Party that will keep you upbeat; refreshing memories from the pasts will keep you rejuvenated for some days.


It is okay. We all have bad days, and we all can go south on the mood graph. Our lives have become so busy that we do not have time to cherish little moments of happiness around us, and it is okay, the system works this way now. Now, the best we can do here is change. The world is full of negativity but still is very beautiful; we just have to find the positivity behind that negativity, and when you start looking for that, the whole earth will be your home, not only the apartment.