You must have already checked a lot of productive morning routines and even may have tried some out. They may have worked for you initially but certainly didn’t last long. Even if you have the perfect morning routine planned out for yourself, there are chances you still fall out of it because apparently your day isn’t scheduled properly, and most importantly your night. To have a productive morning routine that you can stick to, you need to start by perfecting your night time routine. That is the only possible way to get enough sleep and prepare yourself appropriately for the next day.

To get you an idea of what a perfect night time routine would be like, we have compiled a few activities and tasks that would not only enhance your sleep quality but even reduce your stress for the following day.

Avoid Caffeine

This is the most obvious one yet people don’t get it. To have a good night’s sleep you need to avoid caffeine in the evening. Otherwise, you will be awake for long and ultimately wake up late. It is best to avoid coffee post lunch as everyone has a different tolerance to caffeine and while it may work for some people, other people can be extremely sensitive to caffeine.

Make a To-Do List

It is always a great idea to get everything sorted. Making a to-do list a night prior can help you get a clear mind and not just that, it can even help you in the morning as you won’t have to roam here and there thinking what to do and what not to. If possible, try to do tasks and chores a night prior to make your morning less stressful and overwhelming. For instance, picking out the dress for the next day, dishes, and keeping everything you need to take with you the next day in one spot, should be done at night. This way you won’t waste your time in the morning finding things, selecting the dress or doing dishes from last night.


If you haven’t tried this, do it, you will love it. Meditating before going to bed can relax you so much that every muscle in your body and brain would thank you. The feeling of being relieved from the stress is such a blessing and meditation can help you have that feeling. Play some light music, sit in a comfortable space, close your eyes and deep breathe. To make it a little fancy, light an aromatic candle.

Put Your Phone to Sleep

How many times have you read that you shouldn’t use your phone at night in your bed as it emits blue light? I have read that a billion times already and I am going to write it down for you, again. Tuck your phone in another room and let it sleep. Avoid using your phone at night especially when you are ready to hit the bed. Even better, avoid all electronics and switch them off at least two hours before hitting the bed so that your eyes get the time to relax and get over the light.


When you are already in bed, waiting to get your eyes heavy so that you can just sleep as soon as you lie down, reading a book is an amazing activity. Prefer paperback over kindle or e-reading. Not just because you are avoiding electronics but because paperback, hardcover books can help you sleep. We have had an experience from our school days where we used to get sleepy as soon as we were asked to study. I guess everyone can relate to that. Paperback books create a similar effect. However, while choosing a book it is recommended to pick a light genre that is not very addicting like thriller, horror or any genre that can keep your eyes glued to the story for hours. I personally prefer either motivational or sci-fi at night. History, fiction, biographies and political books are for morning.

Improve Sleep Quality

When we say you can improve your sleep quality, we are certainly referring to the supplements that can help you sleep better and, well, sleep, in case you struggle with sleeping at night. Delta 8 THC gummies are what we recommend to get a better sleeping experience. A better sleep can promise a better morning and in turn a better day.