Everybody wants to make their kitchen look spacious. But, it is the only place in a house that seems messed up due to wrong planning. It isn’t surprising to find any storage/counter space unoccupied with the amount of work going on in a kitchen. Yet, if you monitor closely, corners often get neglected. Decorating a corner space is a tricky task that requires the right parity between form and functionality. While we already have been through some excellent bedroom corner decorating ideas- it’s time to take on the kitchen challenge! 

For small kitchens, utilizing the corners is a must. By acting smartly, you can make your kitchen look spacious in a limited space. Using the kitchen corners correctly can free up the center spot in the kitchen for other additions and also update the room aesthetically. Here are some ideas to do it the right way.

Install a Range

Unless you’re an expert at establishing a range, don’t mess it up. Setting a corner range can bring on a lot of stress. So, it’s better to invite a professional to your home for the thing. Precisely, this is not an idea for everyone, as it can take up extra room. What’s impressive about it is the way it works within the work triangle. It opens up the opportunity to showcase a more spacious and exciting kitchen. In the last few years, installing a range has gained a lot of popularity among Americans. 

Establish Corner Cabinets

Installing corner drawers is an excellent idea to utilize the avoided space of your kitchen. It looks really creative and fills up the vacant space of your cooking area in a productive way. And guess what! You also get additional storage to put your groceries and other stuff. 

Fix Floating Shelves

Corner areas are great for floating shelves. These do not block space, look simple, and also offer more storage. You can display all your beautiful crockery on these shelves. Or you can utilize them for placing some plants to give a green touch to your kitchen. The beauty is you can install and switch open shelves very easily. So, with comfort and beauty, it also offers you convenience. If you feel bored with the shelves, you can get a minus them quickly from your space and can use it for some other decor.

Make a Hobby Counter

Cooking is more passion than art. Some people just love to explore every angle of their creativity through cooking only. For those enthusiasts, transforming a kitchen corner into a hobby counter always rocks. I remember my best friend’s father; he likes to try his hands on different types of desserts. And I got the idea of a hobby counter from him only. He has a corner saved only for his passion whenever he gets some free time from the other chores. So, it seems sensible to set-up an experiment counter where you can try cooking exceptional meals. 

Display Special Ware

Buy a large displaying tower and place it in one of the corners. Showcase your serving pieces on it and enhance the beauty of curves. Nobody thinks to make corners a focal point. But you can! We all have a set of tableware that we just buy to impress others. Take that out and display it on the corner tower. This way, you can make your kitchen look luxe in an elegant way. 

Create a Mini Office

If you have a big kitchen and the corners look dull, you can utilize it to create a mini-office. Start with the top and furnish it with glass cabinets. You can keep your essential files and records in these storage. Cover the midway with a flat shelf to place your computer, and that’s it. An up gradation like this makes for a great place to do homework, look up your favorite recipes, and for enjoying your coffee. Also, you can keep track of the family routine in your mini office. And yes, to make it look more appealing, don’t forget under cabinet lighting. 

Seating Nook

Don’t equip all your kitchen with cabinets only. Over furnishing can make your space look tight and messy. So, if you have a corner left in your kitchenette, use it to create an extra seating nook. This is a great idea for the parents to supervise their children’s eating habits. Additionally, while you’re in the kitchen, you can help your kids with their homework too. 

Add a Sink

Last but not least, adding a sink is an excellent way to fill up the corner space of your kitchen — those who have small cooking zones- for them every inch matters. So, to free up some counter space, fixing the sink in the corner is an excellent option for you. It adds a new dynamic to your area.