If you are reading this, you’re probably a girl who’s on her periods looking for self-care tips. And if you’re not, then know how uncomfortable and painful ‘that time of the month’ can be. 

Apart from those continuous period cramps, your mood and zeal all go down for a few days and you just want to lay down with nobody bothering you for anything. I also go through the same and today, will share some of my self-care tips that I use during my periods. 

Avoid Fast Food 

Craving for sweet and high-carb foods during your periods is absolutely normal! But eating those fries and a bowl of ice-cream might not be a good choice for your period cramps. Research shows the level of serotonin( a happy hormone) decreases during periods and eating high-carb foods releases serotonin, giving you a satisfying feeling. 

While you can eat chocolates, try not to eat junk food. Instead, fill your system with plenty of water and that will help you to relax. I eat delta-8 gummies when I am in a low mood and need something to cheer me up. You can learn more about gummies on Dmagazine

Heat Therapy Can Help

Menstrual cramps can be very excruciating, to an extent that walking a few steps sometimes feels like a heavy task. Heat therapy is one of the easiest treatments for cramps relief. Period cramps are normally caused due to strong contractions in your uterus. While many of you might prefer taking medicines,  several studies found that many women use a heating pad to relieve their period cramps and found it very effective. 

Just apply a heating pad or any other hot thing to the affected areas such as lower abdomen, stomach, and back. This can actually help you relax and is much safer than taking medicines.  

Do Some Exercise 

Exercising while you’re on your period might sound silly to you, but know that it actually helps a lot. Studies reveal that a light exercise is more effective than painkillers for treating menstrual cramps. You just need to get up off your bed or couch and start moving. Once you start doing it, you’ll see how bending relaxes your back, lower abdomen and legs. 

And please note that you don’t need to do intense workout for your cramp relief. Studies show that women who practiced yoga for at least half an hour twice a week during their periods experienced less pain than usual. If you don’t prefer going to the gym, then start off with yoga and it might surprise you with your pain-relief. 

Take Proper Rest 

Last but not the least, take proper rest. If not important, cancel your plans and prioritize your self-care during this time. It’s imperative that you eat good food and take proper sleep as your body tends to reduce energy during periods. Skip those plans that might take too much of your energy. Instead, use this time to watch a Netflix show and relax!