Admit it; most of us blame our sitting job for why we feel tired all the time. But have you ever thought why most people with sitting jobs suffer from obesity? What’s the reason for that? Is there something else that we lack in? 

Let’s find out!

On average, you sat down almost nine hours a day, excluding the eight hours of sleep. In total, you spent around seventeen hours a day not doing any physical activity. Not to mention, the substantial amount of commuting time and hours you spend watching Netflix after office. 

Some of you may find it hard to believe. However, increasing your activity level during the office hours can help you promote wellness. Given below are the best tips that can help you stay fit with a full-time desk job:

Prefer Walking as Much as You Can

Walking is the most convenient way to keep yourself active. It is the best fit for you as it can be done anywhere. If you drive to work, park your vehicle further away to increase the steps count on your FitBit. The same goes for those who commute via public transport – get off a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way to your office. Avoid using lifts and take the stairs. Go for lunch-time walks. It will help you increase your physical activity, and reduces the risks of various health conditions.

Take Short Breaks To Move Around

Humans are not designed for prolonged sitting. However, sitting for long periods can have a negative impact on the health. Set timers on your phone or work computer to remind yourself to take a break and move around after every hour or two. Include this in your daily routine and see how your body will thank you for it. 

Small changes in lifestyle have a significant impact on your health. Therefore, next time, walk to a colleague rather than phoning or texting them. Some prominent companies are even introducing “walking meetings” to combat the health challenges of the employees. 

Why Gym When You Can Workout At Your Desk?

Those with this lame excuse that we can’t make time for the gym can benefit from exercising at the desk. There are a plethora of simple exercises that can be performed while sitting on the desk. These workouts neither draw the attention of others and nor demand for the gym gears.

For instance, squeezing your muscles in core tightly for one minute is an excellent exercise for your abs. Lifting your both feet in the air for half a minute is another great workout. You can try as many times as you feel okay with. If there is a suitable room under your desk, put an under-desk cycle there. It’s a smart option for exercising, which is very affordable. 

Never Skip Your Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We all know this, yet we skip it most of the time because of work or critical timelines. But not anymore! Promise yourself today that no matter what – you will never avoid your breakfast. 

The metabolism of our body slows down when we sleep. So, we must eat within two hours after we wake up. It boosts the metabolism for the whole day and helps us to avoid fatty snacks. 

Avoid Munchies With High Fat

According to a recent study, a person alone eats 100,000 calories in the name of office snacks in a year. We indulge at least three snacks in a typical working day – that is almost 500 calories intake per day. And I think the count is even more than this in the case of my deskmate. His tummy is like a black hole. In the time I finished this post, he already ate twice, and he is still hungry like always.  

Coming back to the topic – No, I am not saying to avoid snacks. Just avoid those that are particularly unhealthy like chocolate or crisps. If you feel peckish, go for healthier options such as fruits, green salads, nuts, yogurt, and dry fruits. 

Drink Plenty of Liquid

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day. It encourages weight loss, which is profoundly helpful to your body. Start with five glasses per day and steadily increase your intake. I drink two warm glass water in the morning. It helps me to get with other tasks of the day actively. However, if the water isn’t your cup of tea, go for fresh juices – without sugar, additives, or preservatives. 

At Last- Here’s Some Motivation To Get You Started

Remember, the less you make use of your body, the more you will be prone to diseases. And the more you take work from your body, the more it will become fit and healthy. You do not have to fill a glass with your sweat. Just come out of your comfort zone. Give your body some physical activity daily. Trust me; if you do this just for a couple of weeks, you will feel rejuvenated, less anxious, and super-active all day. However, you can also pet a dog to boost your mental health. Nowadays, many prefer buying dogs for protection and emotional support. Analyze your needs, and bring home the right dog.

A Happy Healthy Living to you, your family, and friends!