The internet has given us a lot but what it has managed to change the most is the awareness regarding what goes out there in the world. What goes in the world is the endless supply of food. Palettes have become more adventurous and flights have become cheaper. People are no longer bound by geographical limitations of being where they are. Hop on a plane and in a couple of hours you are in a new place. Time zones are now fluid and moving within them easy. 

For dedicated diners this is a boon, standard food is no longer the expectation. Food in itself is less about sustenance, more about an experience. The great news to note here is that the world is going through a gastro revolution and the options have only increased.  So here is a list of the world’s best food festivals for anyone looking for an immersive experience.

Wildfoods Festival (Hokitika, New Zealand)

Sometime in mid-March, the quaint town of Hokitika is destination to be at for some of the world’s strongest stomachs to try the world’s wildest food. Most of these, normal people can’t even imagine eating cooked let alone raw.  Seagull eggs might seem normal but one can imagine what possum cutlets with a glass of gorse wine tastes like. 

The menu also includes earthworms, beetle grubs, mountain oysters and a lot more crazy food. Do not worry if all this seems to be a little too much you can always try something a little more normal in the form of platters of frog legs and snails in garlic. 

Annual Golden Spurtle (Cairngorms, Scotland)

Scotland is known for two things first their kilts, then their love for porridge. A breakfast classic, it comes in various forms and can be rough like gruel or refined like muesli. The possibilities with porridge are endless. This superfood has its celebration in the form of a highly competitive festival at Carrbridge where one winner walks away with the Golden Spurtle. A Spurtle is a wooden stick used to stir the porridge pot. What makes this festival endlessly quirky are the superstitions associated with the competition. These include but are not limited to, Porridge being referred to as “they” and always stirring the pot in clockwise. 

Salon de Chocolate (Quito, Ecuador)

There are multiple chocolate festivals all around the world, it, after all, is one of the most widely consumed sweets in the world. But the festival that takes the cake is the one that takes place in Quito.

Ecuador is crowned as the world’s highest quality chocolate manufacturer. So this is the place to be if you want to sample some of the world’s most delectable chocolate. About 15,000 visitors make their way to this place to participate in functions all centering around, as you must have guessed chocolate. From a fashion show to a sculpture the whole festival is quite a spectacle to experience. 

Bacon Festival ( Sacramento, California) 

This a festival which is exactly what it sounds like. A fest to celebrate a worldwide favorite Bacon. Meat is cooked right outside on the street but mind you only organically fed hogs are allowed-factory fed are shunned or rather simply banned. This bacon is served with local craft beers, making the whole concept even more appetizing, after all, who doesn’t love beer and bacon? 

This festival is also over the top as you get bacon gelato, bacon ramen, and a lot more bacon-based goodness. To top it all there is a Kevin Bacon tribute band too. 

Dumpling Festival ( Hong Kong)

On the fifth day of the fifth Chinese lunar month, Chinese families all over the world feast on dumplings. specifically served are the zongzi dumplings which are glutinous rice with different fillings wrapped in bamboo, lotus or banana leaves. This is a spectacular event that is a national holiday in Hong Kong and Macau.  This event topped up with a dragon boat race. A sport that is now so popular that it has its own international federation.   

Pizzafest (Naples, Italy)

For pizza lovers, this is a dream come true. As one particular night in September, the whole village of Naples turns into a Pizza village with 500,000 visitors gearing up to consume more than 100,000 pizzas. Naples is known to have some of the world’s best pizzerias in the world and these pizzerias churn out legends like Napolitano, Margherita, and Marinara. This place also at the same time hosts the highly competitive World Pizza-Making Championships.

 So, buckle up and make your way towards one of these festivals for a highly memorable cultural experience.  We know that for an adventurous dinner the standard shindig is never really truly satisfactory.