The moment “Coronavirus” became the trending news all over the world; people hoped that it would be contained at its source, i.e., China. But, all those hopes shattered the moment this virus spread to other countries like a fire. Even the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention warned that there are chances of outbreaks across the US too. Global officials are failing at their attempts to stop the spread of this virus. The threat of an epidemic is rising every minute across the globe. So, here are some of the questions explained by the experts suggesting why it is essential to do a few precautionary measures. 

Should I Use Face Masks to Avoid Contacting Coronavirus?

People are rushing to pharmacy stores to get hold of face mask supplies. It’s a standard norm whenever something related to respiratory gets out of order; the first thing people look for is face masks. The same happened with coronavirus as well. The demand for face masks is rising abruptly since the news breakout. 

But, here is something exciting. Do these masks protect you in any way?

Unlike all the assumptions, a typical mask will never protect you from any infection. So, if you are healthy and not infected with the virus, there is typically no reason for you to wear any mask. The virus is so small that it might pass through these masks pretty easily. The only reason anyone would ask you to wear a mask is when you already acquired the virus and went through quarantine procedures. It will help you to avoid infecting your family members when you are staying at home. Experts suggest going for an N95 mask that can block around 90% of the airborne particles. 

Should I Use Hand Sanitizers to Protect Myself From Coronavirus?

Hand sanitizers are known to be a guaranteed strategy to prevent infections. And it is an excellent practice to clean your hands to prevent the spread of germs from one to another. Experts suggest using hand sanitizers as they contain agents with antiviral agents that kill viruses too. It is believed that hand-sanitizers with alcohol base have good efficacy against the coronavirus. Doctors caution people that many skin products might cause skin allergies that might be mistaken as coronavirus. However, this type of virus only infects through the respiratory tract. 

At this point you realize, what about washing hands. Will it help to prevent the spread of the virus? The World Health Organization cleared the misunderstanding and suggested washing hands and avoiding touching the face as the best strategy to prevent infection. They recommend washing hands for at least 20 seconds to avoid cold or influenza. 

Can my Pets Trigger the Spread of Virus?

Coronaviruses are not limited to just a few species. Instead, any animal can get infected with this virus. So, the thought of you being in danger because of your pets or vice versa might be something bothering you. Research confirms that there is no evidence that your pup might infect with a new coronavirus. In addition to that, WHO says that companion animals like dogs or cats cannot be infected with this particular virus. Still, it would be a good practice to wash your hands after contact with your pets. This practice would help you to prevent some common bacteria from passing between pets and humans. 

Should I Visit a Chinese Restaurant? 

The panic by this global epidemic has triggered some racial misconceptions across the globe. People have started to discriminate against Chinese and Asian people. It is sheer stupidity and irrational to act that way. If the person has no contact with the virus, how can they be the source of the outbreak? Think logically. How can a place or a person thousands of miles away from an outbreak trigger the spread? It’s a bizarre situation that’s letting people fall for any myth or misconception. So, you must always stick to the facts. 

Final Thoughts 

In the absence of any vaccine or medication to prevent or cure coronavirus breakout, the CDC is looking for non-pharmacological practices to prepare for an outbreak. However, such interventions will vary depending on the conditions in a particular area. Doctors are asking patients to apply “social distancing” to avoid crowds if they are sick. Depending on the severity, communities might go for closures of public areas such as schools, offices, or mass gatherings. 

On the other hand, in the case of hospitals, they should adopt procedures to limit the exposure of infected patients with others. Although this might seem pretty overwhelming at first, things will start falling in place the moment you start paying heed to little details. Remember to wash your hands frequently, cover your nose and mouth while sneezing, and avoid any contact with the sick people. If you feel you are showing symptoms or any severe signs of illness then use any top taxi apps UK and seek medical attention at the earliest.