“How do I stay safe?” 

That’s one thought that has been doing rounds in everyone’s mind since the pandemic dug roots in the world. The infectious nature of COVID-19 has made it difficult to not think about catching the virus one way or another. Soon the world will try to regain its normal pace which may overpower other thoughts with that of being safe. It is at this time that your lifestyle changes will help you stay protected from COVID-19. 

You may have the same routine of nine to five jobs, morning jogs in the park and takeaways when bored. But this time the coronavirus will have changed a lot of things. Masks on every face and physical distancing will be a new normal. But that’s not the only changes that will keep you from being sick. Here’s an insight into a few others. 

Greeting without Physical interaction

Every COVID-19 precaution article has a big section about social distancing. That’s because you may come in contact with a sick person unknowingly and be the new host of the coronavirus. Keeping up with this rule, our ways of greeting have to change for good. 

You may have the habit of greeting your friends with a tight hug or atleast a handshake. That’s not going to be the norm anymore. Hugs are big no. Move over to distant waves, namaste or a bow instead. Or try the good old name calling to greet your friends. In case you give in to the impulse and shake hands or fistbump, just sanitize your hands immediately after. 

Also, do not believe that it’s temporary. This aspect is going to stay with us for a long time. But it’s worth it if you are safe. 

Indoor weekend plans

We’ve all been a part of weekend plan discussions. Whether to meet at a friend’s place for a soccer match or to have a salsa party at the club, such decisions made our weekends. But this will have to change now. 

You can still make weekend plans but try to stick to an indoor setting where everyone is at their respective places. Try online games for example. It will definitely be a good pastime for your weekend. You can make it more interesting by getting a cheap valorant boosting service that will open new missions for your curiosity to explore. The best part is that you can enjoy online games with all of your friends. So you won’t miss socializing in your life. 

You could also spend the weekend by making your living space better. Amp up the kitchen corners, add indoor plants or just clean your home. It is a good way to stay occupied while practicing social distancing. 

Online interactions

You may be wearing protective gears and sanitizing your hands frequently while meeting people but nothing can be more effective than online interactions. During the peak times of COVID-19, every activity shifted online. Gym sessions, schools and universities, museum tours, everything had an online setup. This may be a good lifestyle change even when the world opens. 

Zoom has been a great help before lockdown and will continue to be the same even after it ends. Activities that involve gathering of people like office meetings, discussions or group projects can be done online. Also use video calls to stay in touch with distant relatives instead of travelling. So if your interaction with people can be done via screens, that’s the way to go.

Shifting to healthy food habits

COVID-19 came unannounced and turned the world upside down. It has put our body’s health especially the immune system to test. This made a lot of people be more careful about their health and well being. This change is in the best interest of everyone. 

Along with workouts, healthy food habits have made it into the lifestyles of people. More intake of fermented food, citrus fruits and shifting to healthy snacks are some of the many routine changes. People are also more mindful about their sleep and hydration. 

Make up a Safety protocol for yourself

You need to follow the precautions of hand wash, use of sanitizer, masks and social distancing. But your safety protocols will be different from others. It will depend on your job, your interactions with people, the amount of time you spend outside of your home and the people you live with. You must know how frequently and when to use a sanitizer and if your belongings need sanitization or not. If your risk factor is high, you’ll know who to maintain a safe distance from. So take some time out to plan out a safety protocol for your lifestyle.

As long as you are cautious and following all precautions, the chances of getting sick will remain low. So panic can lay to rest. It is time to be responsible and mindful of your life outside of your homes.