Whether our goal is to lose weight, get lean or gain muscle, we all have to start somewhere. For some, this could mean going on an intermittent diet program, for others it could be getting to work with a personal trainer. But if you’re new to this side of healthy living, you might end up somewhere between detox drinks, weight loss pills and scammy programs. 

I just came across one yesterday. 

Beginning a healthy lifestyle is easy, if you know what to do. That’s the hard part. Navigating your way through the hundreds of ways out there, finding one that suits your body and requirements, one that doesn’t exhaust your wits out. 

Finding the right regime starts with realizing what you want to achieve. And NEVER set your goal as losing some pounds in a week. These short term goals require you to cut down on a lot of your essential carbs and create deficiencies in the body. Once you’ve shed those pounds by the end of the week and gone back to your old eating habits, you’ll see that weight sneak back in. Maybe even bring a few pounds along. 

Let’s keep it simple. While you smoke on a delta 8 thc vape, I’ll introduce you to 5 exercises that you can practice, no matter what your goal is. These stances are more concerned with a healthy body than weight loss or gain. When combined with your eating schedule, they’ll give you the required result.


If you were looking for an easy, weight loss idea, I would’ve suggested walking but skipping beats all. Definitely an elite exercise which requires minimal investment. Just some open space and a rope- you’re good to go!

And you’re getting a lot more than what it’s costing you. Skipping has been a favorite for athletes and celebrities alike, whether to lose weight or tone their bodies. Along with the obvious benefits, it also helps to strengthen your arms, shoulders & legs; improve your coordination, and heart health. 

You can start small, go for 500 jumps on a day, and keep building on your stamina by working your way up to 100, 1500, 2000 as the weeks go by. 

You’ll never get bored of this exercise, there are way too many variations of it to learn and practice. And if you want to one-up your experience and challenge yourself, you can find weighted ropes. 


We all hate them but that doesn’t make them any less effective. As painful as that minute might seem, planks put your complete body to test, with your core being the star of the show. 

Begin by holding them for 30 seconds and make your way up to a minute. 

You can always end ten minutes of skipping rope with 1 minute of a forearm plank.


Another all rounder that falls somewhere between cardio and an HIIT workout, which is exactly what makes it perfect for losing weight and building some strength. 

But as a beginner, you’ll have a tough time following this one, especially if you’re working along a trainer or even a youtube video. You don’t have to go all out on speed, pay more attention to your form in the first few weeks.

Make sure your stance during your squats and pushups are right, you change between positions without hurting yourself or ruining your posture. As you build on it and get comfortable with the exercises, you’ll gain speed too. 

And if you feel like you’re becoming too comfortable with your burpees, you can always increase the numbers you do. 

Mountain Climbers

This one is another beaut, utilizing muscles in your whole body to get you climbing on your spot. As a compound exercise, this one is great for your arms, back, core, shoulders and legs. 

Similar to a plank, make sure your back and hips are straight and not raised. As you take your plank stance, bring one knee towards your chest while the other stays put. Take this knee back and bring the other one towards the chest. 

These too have variations like spider mountain climber, tempo mountain climber, down-dog mountain climber, cross body mountain climber and modified burpee mountain climber. 

Push ups

The idea of a push up has been tied to building muscles. While this isn’t false, there is more to a push up. The whole idea is to strengthen your complete upper body.

If you think about it, it’s like a variation of a plank. But requires you to put much more work and strength into it. 

If done correctly and with the right posture, this exercise is great for your chest muscles, shoulders, triceps, biceps and upper back muscles. 

And it won’t automatically give you bulging muscles ladies, so don’t shy away from getting those toned guns. 

You’ll find that most of these exercises discussed here have a bunch of variations, whether it includes skipping weighted ropes, adding side planks to your routine or some spider planks for your sides. These exercises are perfect to keep you in shape and indulged in what you’re doing. In addition to your diet, they will work wonders.